August 24, 2011

DIY-ing it

So it’s time for a big boy bed. In fact, Triptyn has been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor for about 6 months. Ha, are we the worst parents? Finally, we got a bed from my mother-in-law, but it was a little beat up and blah. I mean, it’s gone through her four boys and my nephews. After looking at other amazing women and their blogs, I decided I could paint it. No big deal, right? Well take a look for yourself. Now keep in mind, this is my first painting project EVER! (and they make it sound way easier than it is, I thought I could whip it out in a couple of days, I started a week ago and I’m only half done!)

2011-08-24, Triptyns bed 

(can you see the pure awesomeness of my painting skills?!)

It’s not a true before and after. I forgot to take a picture before I started, so one is the headboard and one is the footboard. :) But you get the idea. I’m not done yet, but couldn’t wait to post a picture. Let me know what you think. My amazing husband just got home from work and told me it looks girly :(  Way to shoot a girl down after all her hard work. I will post a picture of how it looks in his room when he’s not sleeping in there! 

July 13, 2011


Finally, I think my blog is somewhat up to date! I always dread blogging because my internet connection is terrible and it would always take FOREVER to upload pictures, but I just discovered Windows Live Writer, and it is AMAZING! Seriously, I might just update more often now. :)

4th of July

I love summertime, and the 4th is one of my favorite holidays! This year instead of going to the parade, we had our own parade with the Holst Family!Fourth of July 2011 047  All of the little kids got to decorate their bikes, ride them in the parade, and then the had a little marching band. It was so fun. And actually kind of nice to not have to be around all the people at the Idaho Falls Parade. Although, if we do it again next year, I think the kids will have to throw candy to the parents :) Especially since I’m the one that decorated the bike! I think it looks pretty good though, don’t you?? And the glasses are the BEST part.

Fourth of July 2011 008

Fourth of July 2011 010

Fourth of July 2011 019 All of the kids lined up to show off their bikes.

Fourth of July 2011 030

Playing his Ka-zoo in the marching band.

Fourth of July 2011 037

After the parade, we had a yummy breakfast complete with patriotic sprinkles for our French Toast. ha-ha.

Fourth of July 2011 040

All the older boys left after breakfast to go for a ride on the Harleys, road bikes, and a few in the Cadillac.  So we set up the pool so the kids could swim!

Fourth of July 2011 042

Fourth of July 2011 045

When the guys got back, we had threw together a BBQ for lunch, then it was time to take Triptyn home for a nap.  That night we had a BBQ with my family and then headed down to the river to listen to Mike’s dad’s band play. We decided to ride our bikes this year, and it was the best idea ever! I think we will do that again! Triptyn loves music and danced the whole time, I wish I’d had my camera! It was such a great day, we are so blessed to live in this great country! We love spending time with our families, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Circus, Circus!

My nephew, Zach, wanted to go to the circus for his birthday this year. Mike was even a little excited to go, he’s never been to a circus before. Here a few pictures of the night, not sure Triptyn was quite ready for the circus, it was SUCH a long time for a little boy to have to sit still! :)

Before it started we took the boys down to ride the elephant. I wasn’t sure Triptyn would do it, but he ended up LOVING it! He wanted to do it again at intermission, but at $10 per one minute ride….we settled for just looking at them! :)Circus 2011 008

Circus 2011 010 

Circus 2011 015 

Circus 2011 018

Circus 2011 019 Circus 2011 021 I promise everyone really was more excited than they look to be there!

Circus 2011 035

Circus 2011 077

Hiding during intermission

Circus 2011 083

The “Globe of Death” was definitely a favorite. Of course, it involved motorcycles. The faces he made were hilarious so of course I didn’t get pictures of any of them, but this blank stare gives you an idea.

Circus 2011 079

the big {24}

May-June 2010 025 In June, Mike turned the big 24! I made him an “Upside Down German Chocolate” cake. (I know it looks kinda disgusting, but I promise it was really good) I hate German Chocolate cake, and I even think it’s good! Triptyn helped him blow out the candles and still walks around the house singing “Happy Birthday to Daddy!” It’s super cute. His birthday is on a Sunday (lame) so we kind of celebrated the whole weekend.

On Friday night I took him out to dinner….I can’t even remember where we went. ha-ha. Then on Saturday we decided to head up to the sand dunes. We have a Polaris RZR and my husbands whole family share a RZR with four seats. So we took both and invited my parents and nephews to come along! It was a blast until we decided to let my parents take our RZR and we would take all the kids in the four-seater. We ended up rolling it about 4 times! It was scary, but everyone was okay, thank goodness! So we decided next year on Mike’s birthday, we’re staying home. His b-day is jinxed! (Little history – last year Mike went to the sand dunes on his birthday to ride his dirt bike and it blew up on him.)

May-June 2010 029

All things considered, it was a great weekend filled with family and fun! (our two favorite things!)